4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Exotic Car

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars renting an exotic car, you need to do everything you can to make sure your plan goes the way you’ve imagined it. And that includes not making these common rookie mistakes:

[title_inner_large center=”0″]1. Not Double-Checking the Ownership Legalities[/title_inner_large]

Many car rental services don’t actually own the cars they’re renting out to bypass the legalities, financial and insurance procedures. It’s simply easier for them to rent out some of the cars that are registered in someone’s name.
The troubles of driving someone else’s car aren’t worth it. In case of any accidents or damages to the car, you’ll be liable to compensate the owner and not the insurance company. So don’t trust the rental company’s word and always ask the manager to show you the relevant documentation to make sure the car has rental insurance.

[title_inner_large center=”0″]2. Trusting Stock Photos[/title_inner_large]

New car rental services often upload stock pictures downloaded from the internet. They do this to hide any defects in the car. If the company doesn’t have many online reviews and the pictures look a bit too authentic, do a reverse Google image search. This will let you know if the picture is actually of the car you’re renting or not.

[title_inner_large center=”0″]3. Overspending on Insurance[/title_inner_large]

Salespersons at car rental services know that you’re afraid of having to pay huge amounts of money for any damages. That’s why they push for extra insurance that comes with the exotic car. However, it’s not necessary to purchase any additional rental insurance. It’s advisable to go through your own insurance policies to see if it provides rental insurance. Most comprehensive policies do compensate for damage to rented cars.

[title_inner_large center=”0″]4. Not Inspecting the Car in Advance[/title_inner_large]

One faulty assumption that first time renters usually make is that an exotic car must be in perfect condition. After all, the car rental service has a reputation to maintain. But that’s not the case.
Always make sure to check for any previous damages caused by other drivers both inside and outside the car. Don’t consider it beneath you to take pictures of any dents and scrapes for evidence. Note down the current damages and make sure the management mentions them in the rental agreement.

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