2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe


The 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe is everything you expect in a supercar and more. The stellar Ferrari experience begins the moment you lay eyes on it. If you’ve seen a Ferrari up close, you’d know that pictures never do justice to the sheer beauty of the car. The 3.9 liter engine is designed to deliver a whopping 661hp.

As soon as you slide into the luxurious seats of the Ferrari 488, you’ll be tempted to fire up the engine and see for yourself what the hype is all about. In this case, the 488 more than lives up to the hype with blistering acceleration speed. The supercar can go from 0 to 60 in a mind-boggling 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 206 mph.

The car is predictably made from the highest quality materials to ensure that everything you touch inside the Ferrari 488 feels premium. In their quest for optimum performance, Ferrari has also worked extensively on the suspension setup to allow for quick transitions at high speeds.

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What do you need to rent?

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  • International Drivers Must Purchase Our Insurance


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